Monday, January 18, 2010


My mom has dreaded for a long time having her knee replacements. She had the 1st one on Oct 27th. She done awesome. She was up on her own without a walker as soon as she got home 4 days after surgery. She was really proud she had that one done and was pushing for the 2nd one to be done quickly. She recently had the 2nd one on Jan 12th. That one was not near as easy. She has more pain, more bruising, less range of motion and is still using a walker. But she is only 6 days post op. Every surgery is different. She will recover from this one just as well but it is going to take a little longer. I am just so glad she done great with the 1st one so she wanted to have the 2nd one. If it had been the other way around not sure she would do the 2nd one.

FINALLY they are both done! After she heals and gets back up on her feet she should be good to go. I pray that all the pain from her knees that she has suffered from all these years will gone.

As for me I am still pushing forward on my diet or "lifestyle change". I have done great at making better choices, smaller portions and exercise. I just got back from a 30min walk. That was over a mile. If I didn't need to potty due to all the water I am drinking I may would have walked longer. I am also not in real good walking shoes and I can tell there maybe some blisters.

Brody is doing great. I am amazed at how much he knows and how quickly he picks things up. He is such a ray of sunshine. Beautiful and amazing.

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